About Us

Welcome to 9Point Academy!

We are an education service provider with specialization in training and preparing Candidates for the IELTS-International English Language Test System exam, either for migration or study abroad

We have a track record of 80% of our students scoring an average of 7.5 or above. We are committed to excellence and the results of our students keeps improving by the day. This is because we are devoted to research that explores and exposes the different myths of IELTS while also proffering customized solutions to each candidate’s challenge(s)


Our Plea, Your Commitment

We encourage students to carry out assignments and task given to them. Students are also advised to practice more at home to master techniques given to them in class. It is of immense benefits that student attend class regularly. These are critical factors to students’ success. We take no pleasure in any of our students retaking the exam, it is a dent on our image.
We need you to make us shine, you need us to get your desired score. Let us work as a team


Physical classes

  • Weekdays Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: (1pm to 4pm)
  • Weekends: Saturday lectures for Busy Bee (10 am to 2pm)

Online Classes

  • Online Live Lectures; Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9PM

Our class size is quite small and manageable to ensure effective communication and learning. We combine a rigorous curriculum with practical engagement to give students the best of learning experience. Class structure is hand-on: for every Lecture, there is always a practice.

Lecture Materials and Practice Materials are provided per use. Practice Materials are provided for students to study with at home. Assignments and tasks are also provided regularly and based on each student learning need.

We help our students register for the exam. Students only need to pay the required money stipulated by the exam body. We collect no extra charge for this service
Score a 9 Academy is not responsible for organizing the exam.

Welcome and put on your seatbelt as we take on a roller-coaster journey to scoring a ‘9’ in IELTS